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Right now, there are hundreds of writers who need your insights and accountability to make meaningful progress in their writing.

You can help someone leap over their biggest hurdles, find clarity, and focus on the next right step in achieving their goals.

Through coaching, you can encourage others to pursue their wildest dreams and flourish as writers.


We all feel like imposters. You may be asking yourself, “what do I have to offer?” or saying, “I’m not a published author.”

That’s exactly why we offer a Coach Certification Program!

You don’t have to be an expert.

You don’t need to be a published or “professional” writer.

A background in coaching isn’t necessary.

Through our Coach Certification Program, hope*writers will train and equip you with all the tools and techniques you need to help anyone (especially writers) make progress and achieve massive goals.


The Coach Certification Program is a 14-week cohort-based training experience with a mix of asynchronous video training, live workshops and Q&As, instructor feedback, and client coaching practice that will help you gain confidence and develop your coaching skills.

Opportunity to make an impact

You've always wanted to help others, you’re the go-to advice-giver in your circle of friends, and you consider yourself more of a generalist and less of an expert. Coaching is the perfect opportunity to help others in a profound way, even if you don’t have years of experience or a professional specialty. If you listen well and have empathy, you can be a top coach! 

Generate consistent income

Coaching is a flexible and rewarding career path where you get to choose your compensation rates. With a relatively low initial investment, our Coach Certification Program prepares you to receive paying clients on the hope*writers platform immediately upon certification.

Receive support and community within your coaching practice

You’ll receive training and one-on-one support from our Director of Coaching, as well as access to your entire cohort of peers throughout the program. After graduation, you’ll have the opportunity to keep honing your skills with continuing education, network with your cohort or affinity groups, and receive support from the hope*writers team.

Achieve more of your goals

One of the biggest benefits of learning to coach others is obtaining the skills to coach yourself. That means having tools and techniques to get clear on your goals, remove obstacles, commit to purposeful action, and achieve your dreams — with less wasted time and fewer frustrations.

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With the hope*writers Coach Certification Program, you’ll:

  • Learn how to coach fellow writers to get unstuck and make meaningful progress.
  • Receive endorsement and clients from hope*writers upon certification.
  • Generate consistent income while helping others reach their goals.
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At hope*writers, we are dedicated to the success and creativity of each member. Our core focus is to help writers balance the art of writing with the business of publishing.


The hope*writers Coach Certification Program enables us to scale one-on-one support opportunities within our community. Once certified, you’ll be able to coach our members and other writers and help them find clarity and direction.

For over six years, we’ve had the privilege of helping writers find and follow their own writing paths. We’ve learned what works, what doesn’t work, and the obstacles that make writers quit before they’ve reached their goals. For thousands of writers, hope*writers provides the clarity they need to navigate and balance the craft of writing and the business of publishing.

What started as a small idea to encourage writers has grown into a thriving business serving nearly four thousand members. While we are proud of how hope*writers has grown, the downside of growth is our inability to offer our members the one-on-one support and accountability they need to find clarity.

That's why we need you.

We’re launching the hope*writers Coach Certification Program and training amazing people like you to coach our members and give them the one-on-one support they need. When you become a hope*writers Certified Coach, you’ll help writers make meaningful progress in their craft and share their hope-filled words with the world.

We have a limited number of spots in each training cohort. If you want to earn income while encouraging others and helping them move forward, don’t miss out on this opportunity!

How coaches make an impact

According to The American Society of Training and Development, writing down a  goal gives you a 42% greater chance of accomplishing it than if you don’t write it down at all. If you share your goal with someone else, the chance of you accomplishing it increases to over 65%. But, if you consistently meet with someone who holds you accountable, you have a 95% chance of reaching your goals.

Coaching works

Our certification program is based on behavioral research and best practices in personal development, training, and change management.

You will be blown away by how much you can help clients make meaningful change in their lives. You’ll see people get unstuck, take a leap they’ve been afraid to take for years, and reach goals they doubted were possible.

“As a coach, I love helping clients make progress and see what they don’t see. It’s so rewarding to work one-on-one with clients. If you’ve ever been on the fence about getting into coaching, now is the time!”

-Brian Dixon

hope*writers co-founder & Business Coach

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As a hope*writers Certified Coach, you will develop the skills and confidence to help writers reach their goals and realize their biggest dreams.


Through online videos, you’ll learn all the essential elements of an effective coaching session, along with industry knowledge and best practices. Each week will build off the last and include live reviews and Q&A of the previous week’s material, so no one gets left behind. With lifetime access to the training course, you can rewatch old lessons during your certification and refresh your memory anytime, anywhere.


You’ll join a live weekly video call to go over questions, workshop coaching sessions, and demonstrate skills. You’ll have the opportunity to learn from your instructor and each other! Learning in community will help you become a more empathetic listener and a well-rounded coach.


Accumulate practice hours with peers and real coaching clients during your training. You’ll not only get valuable experience, feedback, and client testimonials, but you’ll also build the confidence to coach from the very beginning. Like Marie Forleo says, “Clarity comes from engagement, not thought.” Similarly, confidence comes from action. Through practice, you’ll prove to yourself that you have what it takes to be a successful coach.



Director of Coaching

In addition to serving as the Director of Coaching for hope*writers, Kate runs her own spiritual coaching practice where she helps clients understand what they believe and why, so they can form meaningful spiritual practices. 

She developed an interest in and passion for coaching through her social work career when she started a group program for teenage girls recovering from sexual exploitation. Her work in coaching, ethnography, and pastoral care has taken her to places like Lake Naivasha in Kenya, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, and Hyderabad, India. 

Kate is also an accomplished writer, editor, and marketing professional. She served as managing editor of Tableaux, a tri-annual print and digital magazine for McAfee School of Theology, where she earned her Master of Divinity in addition to a master’s degree in organizational leadership. 

She has worked in content and communications roles for organizations like International Justice Mission, Street Grace, NCR, and Calendly. She most recently completed a training program through the Association of Clinical Pastoral Education and served as a hospital chaplain during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Kate cannot wait to see you empowering clients to make sustainable change and life-changing progress.

"I’ve witnessed and experienced firsthand the power of a listening presence. Each of us is gifted with unique perspectives and abilities to overcome our own difficulties and navigate our journey to wholeness and fulfillment. But coaching can often be a catalyst that speeds up the process, clearing the clutter to get crystal clear and take steps forward in confidence. That's why I'm thrilled to be launching the coach certification program with hope*writers and welcome a new group of coaches because I know how impactful you‘ll be to the clients who are battling discouragement and confusion. I can’t wait to meet you, and neither can they!"




Here is an overview of what enrolling in the hope*writers Coach Certification Program will look like on a weekly and ongoing basis:



2-3 hours of video training

You’ll have access to each week’s content beginning on Saturday evenings and will be able to watch bite-sized videos on your own schedule until the next live session. 

90-minute live class

We’ll gather as a cohort each week on a video call to review material from the previous week. This is where you’ll be able to ask your instructor any questions you have. You’ll also be able to see demonstrations, practice your skills, and workshop techniques. 

3 hours of client practice

Starting in week two, you’ll pair up with a peer and recruit at least two clients to practice your coaching skills. Each week, you’ll meet with them online or in person and go through a full 40-60 minute coaching session. Don’t worry — you don’t need to be a pro to begin; that’s why it’s called practice.



Connection to Your Cohort via Private Slack Channel

We will have a private Slack channel where you can connect with your peers and receive continuing support as you need it. You’ll be able to private message one another, submit feedback to your instructor, and set notifications on your phone so you never miss an important announcement or message. Keep access after certification and stay in touch with your cohort. 

Instructor Support + Feedback

You’ll have the ability to message your instructor directly anytime throughout the program. Additionally, there will be two weeks where you will schedule one-on-one office hours to have a live call, ask your burning questions, and get individualized attention. You’ll be required to submit two recordings of coaching sessions to your instructor, one at the midpoint and one at the end of the program. You’ll also get private feedback on each of these recordings so you can continue improving your skills and coaching practice.

Time to Catch-up on Material + Hours

Worried you’ll fall behind? You won’t. We’ve built in weeks with less or no new content, so you can catch up on past material and make up any practice hours needed. This program was designed for busy people like you. Trust us; you can do this!



Endorsement + Profile on the hope*writers Website

After completing program requirements, our hope*writers Coaches will receive their certification, a bio, and a booking link on our website. This means that you can start booking clients as soon as you complete the program. Using our platform cuts out the burden and cost of administration, marketing, and advertising. It’s all done for you, and hope*writers members are waiting to be coached right now!

Opportunity to earn consistent income

On average, we estimate that hope*writers Coaches will make $1,040 a month with just four clients a week. That’s less than four hours of work per week and a return on your investment in less than four months!

Continuing education + free resources

You’ll get free access to the entire hope*writers content library and member Facebook group for as long as you’re a hope*writers Certified Coach. Plus, you’ll receive opportunities for training refreshers, support and focus groups with your fellow coaches, and one-on-one support from your instructor and other hope*writers staff.



  • Learn the essential components of a coaching session and a simple, repeatable process.

  • Practice and develop coaching skills and techniques.

  • Hone your own unique coaching style.

  • Receive done-for-you templates and resources to use in your coaching.

  • Discover writers’ major pain points, steps in the writing journey, and the publishing industry.

  • Establish coaching packages, business systems, and learn how to find clients.

  • Build confidence in yourself while helping others reach their dreams.

  • Connect with other writing and coaching professionals. 

  • Listen, learn, experiment, adjust, grow, and discover the joy of helping people push past their obstacles to achieve real results and make meaningful progress.

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What WE will do:

  • We are responsible for recruiting a group of coaches to this cohort who have demonstrated a willingness to learn, an eagerness to help others, and an openness to giving and receiving feedback in the name of personal and professional growth.

  • We are responsible for creating the opportunity, structure, and schedule for your 14-week experience.

  • We are responsible for providing a simple, repeatable coaching process that you can apply in your work with clients across multiple industries.

  • We are responsible for creating a safe, professional environment for you to learn and gain experience so you can share your coaching gift with all the confidence in the world.

  • We are responsible for providing insights and industry knowledge specific to helping writers in their craft and profession.

  • We are responsible for guiding you with timely feedback, warning you about pitfalls to avoid, and encouraging you toward establishing best practices.

  • We are responsible for reminding you to continue to move forward even when it gets hard (and it will get hard).

  • We are responsible for offering honest feedback and direction about your expectations, goals, and progress along the way.


What YOU will do:

  • You are responsible for believing in yourself, your work, and your clients.

  • You are responsible for not quitting halfway through (or three-quarters of the way).

  • You are responsible for trusting the process.

  • You are responsible for paying in full by November 2021.

  • You are responsible for attending all live classes (held weekly on video calls, exact time/day TBA).

  • You are responsible for completing all program requirements, including watching instructional videos, completing practice hours with peers and clients, and submitting session recordings for review.

  • You are responsible for learning, practicing, and honing the skills of coaching and sharing your newfound gift with anyone who can benefit from your help!

This is not:

A self-paced online class: In order to teach you valuable skills for your coaching practice and equip you with practical knowledge about the industry, the hope*writers Coach Certification Program requires weekly progress, live participation, and practice sessions on your own. Coaching is a skills-based profession, and skills require practice. There are no secret formulas or difficult-to-understand tactics, just practices and processes that require development and repetition.

A mastermind: While you will have opportunities to receive one-on-one feedback and office hours with your instructor, the hope*writers Coach Certification Program is cohort-based. Instruction and workshops will occur in a group setting so you can see skills demonstrated, practice in real-time, and learn from one another. As you learn coaching techniques, you may apply them to your own goals and find that they help you make progress too. The focus of the program is on training you to be an excellent coach. You won’t be focused on learning about writing or publishing.

We will help you:

  • Gain marketable coaching skills you can apply to a wide variety of professions and areas of life (business, health, spirituality, etc.).

  • Develop your unique coaching style.

  • Learn the repeatable process and components of an effective coaching session.

  • Practice helping clients get clear, overcome obstacles, and make progress towards their goals.

  • Earn income as a hope*writers Certified Coach with done-for-you marketing and administration.

You have the power to help others get unstuck and make meaningful progress towards their biggest desires and dreams. What are you waiting for?

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By now, you’re probably thinking, “This sounds great! But, how much does it cost? Can I afford to do this?” We get it. Considering costs and value are an important part of making wise decisions. Here’s everything you need to know: 

There is an application fee of $100. If your application is accepted, your fee will be applied to your tuition. If we are unable to accept you to this cohort, your fee will be refunded in full, and you’ll have the opportunity to apply for a future cohort. With our money-back guarantee, it’s a win-win!

Two payment options are available for the Coach Certification Program tuition:

  • The total cost of the Coach Certification Program is $3,600, to be paid in two installments of $1,800 (first payment due August 26, last payment due September 26).

  • If you choose to pay in full upfront, you will receive a $100 discount, bringing your total investment to only $3,500 (due August 26th). 

Price includes:

  • Lifetime access to all video content. (Receive instruction from your course instructor.)

  • Weekly live classes. (Join your fellow coaches each week to workshop and review what you’re learning.)

  • Office hours, one-on-one support, and feedback from your instructor.

  • Free hope*writers membership (for as long as you are a hope*writers Certified Coach offering services to our members).

  • Private Slack channel exclusively for your program cohort.

  • Coaching profile on hope*writers public coaching webpage where you can book clients and receive payment for services.

All other supplemental materials are suggested, not required, and are not included in the price. 

Want to make sure the program is worth your time and money? Of course you do. That’s just smart!

That’s why we’ve created this free ROI Calculator just for you. Using this worksheet, you’ll be able to determine how much you need to work and how much you need to charge to get a return on your program investment.

Spoiler alert! The average coach will make their training costs back in less than four months with just four clients a week.

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Who is qualified to become a coach?

If you want to help others succeed by asking powerful questions and listening intently, you’re qualified to become a coach. You don’t need to be an expert, and you don’t have to feel like you have all the answers. Great coaches believe that the client is the expert. Coaches who have the greatest success are those who focus on guiding clients to their own conclusions instead of just telling clients what they should do. To be successful as a hope*writers Certified Coach, you should have empathy for fellow writers and be familiar with some of the most common struggles writers face.


What if I am not a professional writer?

Do you understand the difficulties of committing to your art, finding the time, motivation, inspiration, or clarity? Have you experienced distractions, setbacks, or self-sabotage in your writing? Do you know what it is like to feel lost or isolated in your work, desperate for a companion who can motivate you and keep you accountable? 

If any of this sounds familiar, you can be a coach. There are no credentials required, no minimum number of followers, no publishing expectations. Whether you consider yourself a professional or not, you can be trained to be a coach as long as you have empathy and a willingness to learn and serve.


What is the time commitment for becoming hope*writers Certified?

Each week will consist of 5--7 hours of training over the course of 14 weeks. There will be ample time to make up hours and catch up on content. Reading and writing assignments are not required.


What if I have a busy schedule?

Our program is made for you! Most of the content and practice can be scheduled at your convenience. Want to watch a video at 11 p.m. from the privacy of your bathroom? You can do that! Want to watch a module during carpool or while doing dishes? Yep, you can do that too. Have a client who can only meet at 7 a.m.? No problem. Most of the content is delivered asynchronously. You will only need to be available for the same 90-minute block each week for live classes where you will receive group support, practice your skills, and reinforce content from previous weeks.


What is certification?

There are many coaching certifications with varying focuses, formats, and requirements. Certifications are not standardized or transferable because there is no central regulating or accrediting body, and certification is not required to be a practicing coach. Similar to a degree, a coaching certification serves as an endorsement by the certifying body and proof of your training and education. Obtaining a certification increases your credibility and provides a great way to get quick, cost-effective training as a new or developing coach.


What’s the benefit of becoming certified through hope*writers?

Not only do you get free hope*writers membership, including access to our extensive library of content, but you also get the support of our amazing staff and a built-in platform for recruiting and managing coaching clients. Save money on invoice software, email marketing tools, social ads, affiliate programs, payment processing fees, CRMs, and more! Earn the trust and confidence of our 4,000+ members with an endorsement from hope*writers. As a hope*writers Certified Coach listed in our coaching directory, you’ll earn a 65% commission for coaching services sold through our system (including our Facebook group, member directory, website, and email list). You keep 100% of the coaching fees you receive from leads on your own website.


What is the financial investment?

A $100 application fee, which will go towards your $3600 tuition if accepted into the program. This fee will be refunded in full if you are not accepted into the current cohort. Space is limited, and acceptance is competitive.


How will I know if the program is worth it?

Use our free ROI Calculator to see just how long it will take to get a return on your investment. Using this worksheet, you’ll be able to determine how much you need to work and how much you need to charge to start turning a profit.

The average hope*writers Coach will make their training costs back in less than four months with just four clients a week

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