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The team members we're looking for have the unique ability to work quickly without sacrificing accuracy and communicate efficiently without sacrificing compassion. You are organized, tech savvy, kind-hearted, and genuinely love to help people. If that's you (and you live in the US) we would love to hear from you! Please read the entire page.

About hope*writers + the member care support squad  

Hope*writers is an online membership community for writers who want to identify where they are on the writing path and take their next step toward publication. 

Imagine hope*writers as a large hotel with 2500 guests. This position serves as the hotelier, chaperone, concierge, valet parker, and sometimes housekeeper.

You manage the keys, know the secret locks and doors, escort people in and out, and help them when they're locked out or have trouble with their account. Like a hotel, there are slow and busy seasons.

Our mission (and the job of every member of our team) is to help members make progress in their writing goals. If they are frustrated with a billing issue, can't find their login information, or are have a question that isn't being answered, they can't make progress on those goals.

We want members to experience success and forward movement on the writing path. When they are distracted by account issues, they’re also distracted from their writing goals and can more easily talk themselves into giving up.

That's where you come in!


Can you answer YES to these questions?

  • Do you care about people and the  processes that help them?

  • Do you have a friendly, positive attitude with a knack for finding solutions?

  • Can you follow established workflows but also know how to figure things out case-by-case because you're clever and tech savvy and like a good challenge?

  • Are you willing to learn our hope*writer culture and then make decisions on your own that are consistent with that culture?

  • Are you able to extend grace and understanding even when someone (an anxious writer) might be taking out their frustration and anxiety on you?
  • Are you the one people come to for help when they feel overwhelmed with details, deadlines, and lots of moving parts?
  • Are you able to find solutions under pressure while keeping your cool?
  • Are you a self-starter who can work independently but also enjoy a teammate checkin now and then for collaboration, camaraderie, and a virtual high-five?

You may be one of the two we're looking for!


About the Position

We are looking for at least two new members for our support squad who will both report to Gary Morland, our Director of Community and be part of our small but mighty Member Care Support Team.

  • This is a part-time, contracted position with an expected work-load of at least 10 hours per week and could grow to 20 hours per week. 
  • This is a virtual position so you can work anywhere you like (within the US) as long as you have a solid internet connection.
  • During our launch season (three times per year) the job will require longer days and could include some nights and weekend time (minimal). Giving our all during launches is part of our team culture so you won't be the only one working extra during launch windows!
  • Ideally there will be two people in this role who can rotate and/or fill in for each other, especially during busy seasons.
  • $18 per hour, direct deposited monthly


Duties and Responsibilities

  • Handle all questions, information requests, and complaints regarding membership
  • Process membership cancellations, card removals, and failed payments
  • Process membership refunds
  • Ensure only members are in our Private Facebook Community and keep it up to date (this includes approval and denial of requests)
  • Help with Affiliate Member payments
  • Encourage hope*writers on their writing journey
  • Maintain a relentlessly helpful and positive attitude when interacting with members (former, current, and future), bearing in mind they are sometimes anxious, angry, or confused


Skills and Abilities

Our ideal candidate has the following strengths and skills:

  • Experience in customer support or community relationships, including receiving complaints and/or resolving sometimes tricky customer financial issues
  • Experience with or eager willingness to learn customer support systems and workflows in email and/or community membership software
  • A working knowledge of the kinds of tools we use: Kajabi (or related course or membership software), Help Scout (or other customer service email providers), Stripe, PayPal, and associated bank connections

Intangibles and Team Relationships

As a member of our hope*writer Support Team you will:

  • respect and empathize with writers who may be in a variety of places on the writing journey - from newbies to pros
  • handle customer issues promptly and effectively, with patience, grace, and a positive tone, adopting our “hope*writer attitude” when communicating.
  • contribute your opinion, perspective and ideas for potential improvement of the member experience as a whole (once you learn it) from first contact through (if applicable) cancelation.

Team fit:

  • Hope*writers has three founders who divide up oversight over the organization’s growth, content, and community. A Project Manager serves under them interacting with the rest of the team in organizing and executing projects.
  • This role reports to Gary Morland (Co-Founder)
  • Other team members you may interact with: Our Community Manager (also part of Member Care), Social Media Manager, and a Special Events Manager.


What Winning Looks Like for You

  • You answer emails within 24 hours (during weekdays). Currently there are about 40-100 support emails per day, more during launches - this will grow as hope*writers grows.
  • You share ideas and thoughts for improvement with Gary monthly.
  • You're not habitually talking to yourself negatively about your job or about others on the hope*writer team.


One More thing - 

  • This job requires a detail person who naturally realizes it can be important to hear a person's whole problem and not jump to conclusions about what they need. Also, you must be able to follow systems and processes.
  • So, just to prove that you are detail oriented and can follow procedures, when you click the "apply now" button below and see the question, "Did you read the entire info page for this position?" please use this exact phrase to answer: "You bet your sweet bippy I did!"
  • Yep, that’s our little way to sort out the people who skim and assume they understand (and who even blanket send their resume to anyone and everyone without real interest in the job) from the caring folks who don't want to miss a thing that might be important (that's you). 

Still reading? Great! In summary:

Part-time/ work from home

We estimate 10-20 hours per week at $18 an hour to start.

Opportunities for growth

You'll have access to training programs and professional development materials.

Work with a dynamic team

You get to serve an incredible community of writers who are making a difference!

Applications are closed

We will communicate next steps around Wednesday September 4 - however we received more applications than anticipated, so please be patient :) Thanks for your interest!

Have a different job in mind?

The position above is the one we're currently hiring for. If you would love to work with us but this position isn't quite right for you, tell us what is! Our community is growing and there's always a chance the job you want is the next one we'll need. So pitch us your ideal job or ideal role with hope*writers right now. Who knows what might fit? We'd love to hear from you. And yes you can apply above and also for this.


Tickets go on sale on Tuesday, February 26th at 3pm ET.

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