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Start small and celebrate progress by identifying and accepting where you are on the writing journey.


Move at your own pace through your particular stage with provided checklists and benchmarks.


Participate in our project-centric writer small groups we call hope*circles for support, ideas, and accountability.

Here are two things we do well:

training: weekly from the experts

At hope*writers, we offer members the most up-to-date information from editors, agents, authors, and marketing professionals, asking the questions you want answered.

connection: find your Amy

Before anyone knew their names, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler met in a Chicago improv group. They grew up together in their life and work.

As a working writer, what you need more than a big break or a hot shot connection is an Amy to your Tina, a friend on the journey who gets what you do.  

Hope*writers is where you can find her. You'll connect with writing peers who are in a similar stage as you are: whether you’re just starting out, looking for an agent, or launching a book.

sharing your writing doesn't have to make you feel like a cartoon

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