As an aspiring writer, you know you need a vision and plan for your writing so that you can share your message with others. 

But why does it feel so hard to figure out? 


You’ve poured your heart into your writing, and you really want to help others. But right now your only readers are your mom and your best friend.

Even though it’s frustrating to work so hard and see so little return, maybe you secretly feel relieved because you’re scared of what people will think of you.

Sure, you have big ideas you want to share, but when you sit down to write, you start to wonder . . . 

  • Who am I to talk about this?
  • Is anyone even reading what I’m writing?
  • Ugh, do I have to use social media?
  • How do I promote my writing without spamming people?
  • Will I ever be able to make a living writing?

If these are the thoughts swirling around in your head, you’re not alone.

In fact, you’re actually normal. These are thoughts most writers have had to face. But if you’re able to develop the discipline and habit of writing despite these fears, you are what we call a working writer.

Working writers aren’t unicorns. Rather, they’re writers who have learned to push through their insecurities so that they can fulfill their calling.

You might be wondering how working writers, the ones you see publishing books and making a living online, have been able to overcome these fears and doubts and get to the place where they have a clear vision and plan for their writing.

So like any good 21st-century human, you turn to your trusted friend, Google.



Google is great for many things. But if you want to become a successful writer, it’s not enough.

Sure, you’ll get lots of information, but this creates two problems. First, you’ll get too much information, and you may be overwhelmed. And second, you won’t get information that’s customized to your goals and writing journey.

You could invest a lot of time and effort following the directions you find on Google yet reap very little return.

For many areas of life, we equate busy with productive. But writing is different.

With writing, busy ≠ progress.

Unfortunately, you’re still stuck wondering how to “make it” as a writer. 

If trying to do all the things Google suggests has left you burned out and discouraged, we can help.



90 Day Direction is a self-paced digital course to help new writers like you form a solid foundation so you aren’t left feeling frustrated and confused by all the advice that’s floating around out there.

The advice out there isn’t bad, it’s just not tailored to you, your goals, or  where you are on the writing path. 

A quick Google search about how to be a writer will give suggestions like:

-Start a blog.
-Guest post.
-Take a writing class.
-Post on Facebook.
-Share on Twitter.
-Grow an email list.
-Create a freebie.
-Publish on Medium.
-Write an e-book.
-Submit a book proposal.

And the list goes on.

But you’re just one person with a dream and limited time. You desire to help others, but there are so many ways you can do that. 

Unfortunately, when it comes to having the impact you desire with your writing, the odds are stacked against you. 

When you’re just starting out, it can feel like you’ll never be able to figure out how to make this work.

That’s why it’s so important to have someone on your side to help you build a solid foundation for your writing practice. Otherwise, you could spend years (seriously!) trying to figure this out on your own.

The beauty of 90 Day Direction is that it offers a simple plan for getting started so you don’t spend your writing time overthinking what you need to do next and working on things that won’t help you achieve your vision.



Brian, Emily, and Gary have all been where you are and have come out on the other side as published authors. 

They each have different strengths and gifts. When their collective experience is combined, the result is decades of experience in writing, marketing, and connecting with an audience.

This synergy is a powerful force that will help you get the clarity you need for developing YOUR 90 Day Direction.


Director of Content

Emily is committed to helping you serve your reader and find your lane so you can do your good work forever. She is the Wall Street Journal bestselling author of five  books, including Simply Tuesday and A Million Little Ways, and is host and author of The Next Right Thing podcast and book.


Director of Growth

Brian is a tech, video, and marketing guru who wants to help you grow your email list and create your first online product. He helps explain the overwhelming technology necessary to serve your readers. His book, Start With Your People, released with Zondervan in September 2019.


Director of Community

Gary is the “Dad of the Internet,” reminding writers that it’s never too late to start. He published his first book, A Family Shaped by Grace, at age 66. He leads the hope*writers community team, providing a soft place to land as you get started.

Are you ready to set aside uncertainty, overwhelm, and confusion, and start making progress on your writing path?


If your answer is YES, then it’s time to enroll in 90 Day Direction. This course is designed to help you get clarity on your vision and map out the specific things you need to focus on for the next 90 days.

You can certainly dream about what you want to do in one year, three years, or seven years. But you need a plan for the next 90 days so you can actually start moving toward those long-term goals. Otherwise, time will slip away. You’ll be busy, but you won’t be moving forward.

If you only have 2030 minutes a day to spend on your writing, you need to know how to get the most out of that time.


That’s why 90 Day Direction is a game changer. You don’t have to waste your precious writing time trying to figure out how to be in all the places and do all the things. 

When you have your direction and plan, you know what you need to do to make progress.


You just want someone to tell you what to do next.


We get so many questions from aspiring writers who tell us they feel STUCK. And we get it. 

Being a writer isn’t easy. In fact, we always tell people it’s hard work.

What does a plan have to do with success as a writer?

Many aspiring writers think that the secret to success is inspiration. Maybe that’s what it looks like from the outside.

But we’d like to set the record straight.

There is no “secret” to becoming a successful writer.

Being a successful writer requires doing the hard work of getting clear on your direction, determining the steps to get there, and faithfully fulfilling them. Not to mention defining what success means for you.

Direction and discipline are what set working writers apart from aspiring writers.


Working writers know their direction and have a plan for their writing. They’re clear on things like:

  • What their vision is.
  • Who their audience is.
  • What their readers want and need.
  • What their writing process is.
  • How to find help for the things that aren’t in their zone of genius.

What would it be like to work from a place of clarity on even a few of these major aspects of your writing?


-Clarity of vision will be the North Star as you consider your direction.

-Clarity about your audience will help you know who you serve.

-Clarity in your process will guide you in prioritizing your time and energy.

Perhaps you’re wondering how to get clarity on these things.

The reality is that most successful writers have had someone to come alongside and show them the ropes. We would love to do that for you.


In the past four years, 90 Day Direction has helped more than two thousand writers find clarity and direction in their writing.


Our students have engaged with literary agents, written book proposals, published books, built profitable blogs, contributed to magazines, and more.

Once you know where you’re going and the steps to get there, it’s much easier to arrive at the destination.

How does 90 Day Direction help me and what do I get?


The hope*writers 90 Day Direction digital course has helped thousands of aspiring writers determine their vision and plan of action so they can make progress on their writing goals.

  • You’ll get clarity. 
  • You’ll define your vision.
  • You’ll understand what your goals are and how to get there.


No more guessing. No more wondering if this is what you should do next.


  • By the end of this course, if you do the work, you’ll have a plan for your next 90 days of writing. And even better, you can repeat this process every 90 days.
  • You get access to eight modules that will guide you through getting your writing plan in place.
    Module 1: Vision Set your writing vision so you know where you’re going.
    Module 2: Niche Understand why having a niche is important and how to define it.
    Module 3: Process Implement steps to create income and impact with your writing.
    Module 4: Timing Learn the benefits of waiting and watching when you write.
    Module 5: Audience Discover your audience and identify how you can help them.
    Module 6: Team Recruit, train, and trust a team to support you.
    Module 7: Calling Own and embrace your identity as a writer.
    Module 8: Encouragement Advice to help you stay the course and get unstuck.

  • When you enroll in 90 Day Direction, you’ll get unlimited access to the course. That means it’s yours to keep.
  • You can work at your own pace and at whatever time of day or night that works for your schedule.

How much does it cost?


Because the content we’re teaching is such an important foundation for beginning writers, we wanted to make this course affordable. 

We didn’t want to give it away for free, because free content usually gets pushed aside and forgotten.

When you pay for something, you’re more likely to actually do the work. And that’s what we want our writers to do.

In addition, the amount of time you will save by implementing this course will more than pay for the course.

When we took all these factors into consideration, we set the value at $397. But that’s still a big stretch for writers who aren’t yet making money from their work. So we reduced the cost to $197. This makes it accessible to aspiring writers.


Is 90 Day Direction for me if...?


We get lots of questions about whether this course is good for . . .  

  • Busy moms
  • People who have a day job 
  • Beginning writers
  • Bloggers
  • Teachers
  • Acrobats who brew kombucha on the beach in Mexico (okay, so maybe not this one).


And the answer is: YES! 

If you’re someone who has a message you want to share with others in written form, this course will help you figure out how to get there.

If you’ve ever said, “I want to be a writer, but I don’t know how to get started,” then this is for you.

If nobody is reading what you write, then this course is for you.


This is an important question, so let’s take a minute to talk about it.

In theory, yes. You can skip this course and try to figure it out on your own. But you need to ask yourself what the cost is.

If you save the $197 that it costs to enroll in this course but spend months trying to piece together your direction, was that a good trade?

You need to ask yourself the hard questions, like how long you’ve been wanting to write. Chances are, this isn’t a new desire. It’s probably something that’s been burning in your heart for a long time, but you weren’t sure how to get started.

If you’re really honest with yourself, you’ll admit that it feels scary to put your ideas out there. What if people don’t like what you’re writing? What if they attack you? Or perhaps even worse, what if no one even reads it at all?

That’s where having a guide comes in. If fear and lack of direction have been holding you back from writing and you’re ready to stop letting them control you and start following your dream, then 90 Day Direction is for you.

What Others Are Saying About
90 Day Direction

Chances are you might still be skeptical, wondering if this will really help you. We’d love for you to hear what writers who have gone through 90 Day Direction have to say.


It’s time to make a decision. 

If figuring out this writing stuff has been scary and frustrating, then purchasing 90 Day Direction is the next right step for you to take to make progress in your writing journey.

We know it can feel uncomfortable to step out and take a risk like this. After all, if being a working writer were easy, everyone would be doing it.

It’s not easy, and this cloud of uncertainty hanging over you isn’t helping. But if you don’t change something, you’re going to stay stuck.

Maybe you’re still not sure this will help you, and you’re hesitant to invest.

Buy 90 Day Direction Now So You Can Finally Make Progress on Your Goals