The Liberating Power of Storytelling

Season #3

You have stories inside of you, waiting to be told.

What do you do when your everyday life is mostly dusting and dishes, not writing? Where can you find compelling content in your day job at the office, in the classroom, or at home with your kids? Regardless of where you spend your 9-to-5, your writing life grows as you approach your days with curiosity and a commitment to tell the stories that surround you. In this episode, host Clarissa Moll discusses how to create attainable writing goals and find meaningful stories in everyday moments. Special guest, author Shannan Martin talks about how curiosity and commitment can help you build a writing life that lasts.

The Writerly Life is a production of hope*writers.

Written and compiled by Clarissa Moll

Edited and mixed by Tyler Anderson

Music by Karla Colahan


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