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The hope*writers Writing Conference is your opportunity to make progress in your writing journey. Join us.

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You are a writer. Your words matter.

And you belong at The hope*writers Conference . . . 

. . . even if you’re only secretly dreaming of publishing the manuscript hidden away on your hard drive.

. . . even if you’re slowly but surely growing your Instagram platform in hopes of becoming a sought-after speaker one day.

. . . even if you have no idea what a query letter is, but have been too afraid to ask.  

There’s a place for you here.

At The hope*writers Conference, you’ll discover what actually works when it comes to reaching (or finding) your readers. You’ll gain the clarity you need to make real progress on your writing goals.

You’ll find the motivation, inspiration, and confidence to take the next step on your writing journey.

Join us to:

✓ Connect (in person!) with your writing community

✓ Get the inside scoop from publishing professionals

✓ Make progress on your writing goals

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Our practical keynote sessions:

Emily P. Freeman

Confidently Claim Your Writing Identity 

Whether you're just starting out in your writing journey or you're a seasoned pro, we all struggle with owning our creative identities sometimes. In our opening session, you'll gain the confidence you need to send imposter syndrome packing. You are a writer, and you belong here!

Brian J. Dixon

Making Your Key Move: Continuing with Courage and Confidence

It’s easy to walk away from a conference with a thousand good ideas but no clue what to do next. This keynote will help you reflect on what you’ve learned, reduce the information overload, and remove the roadblocks that often prevent you from moving forward in your writing life.

Rachel G. Scott

The Secret to Accelerating Your Progress

You have a message to share and a reader to serve, but what do you do when progress feels frustratingly slow? This session will help you discover the number one thing you need to unlock your creative potential so you can (finally!) accomplish your writing goals.

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Discover the next “write” step in your writing journey. 

For nearly seven years, hope*writers has been a place for online training, community, and connection for writers all over the world. We’re dedicated to helping you balance the art of writing with the business of publishing. 

When you attend The hope*writers Conference, you’ll hear from inspirational keynote speakers and participate in practical workshops with actionable strategies to help you make your writing dream a reality.

Ready to accelerate your writing progress or career? Here’s how:

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  2. Attend the conference.
  3. Take the next step in your writing journey with clarity and confidence (and a whole lot of support from your new writing friends!)

You’re invited to join us in person this fall!

November 3-5, 2022
We’ll begin at 6 p.m. on Thursday evening and end by 3 p.m. on Saturday.

5607 Weddington Road
Weddington, North Carolina

(just outside of Charlotte)

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At The hope*writers Conference, you’ll make real progress toward your writing goals through:


Learn the latest tips and innovative strategies to help you clarify your message, engage your audience, grow your platform, and write, launch, or sell your book.


Gather with new writer friends who have hope-filled words to share. If the writing life is starting to feel a little lonely, The hope*writers Conference will remind you that you’re not alone.


The hope*writers Conference offers a dedicated space for you to learn, grow, and decide what you really want out of your writing life. You’ll go home with clarity on the next step you need to take to accomplish your writing goals.

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With powerful speakers, expert panels, breakout sessions, and opportunities to connect with other writers, The hope*writers Conference is the perfect event to accelerate your writing progress in a fun, inspirational, and hope-filled way. Check out the schedule below.

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In addition to the keynotes, you can choose to attend two workshop-style breakouts designed to help you make writing progress right there in the room. All 10 breakouts will be available during both session time slots on Friday, November 4th.

Kristin Vanderlip


Making Time To Write

Most of us dream of escaping to a cabin where we can write our meaningful words uninterrupted, but what does it look like to write amidst the responsibilities, obstacles, and distractions of our everyday lives? Discover how to carve out that elusive time to write and cultivate a writing routine that works for you, right where you are. Learn how to name what matters to you in your writing life, pivot your thoughts, get creative, and build boundaries for your writing time.

Kristin Vanderlip is a former English teacher turned writer, certified writing coach, journaling advocate, and creative entrepreneur who is passionate about spreading the love of writing as a source of healing and hope. Kristin’s words have been featured online at (in)courage and  Proverbs 31 Ministries' First 5 App. Her new journal for lament, Rest, releases at the end of this year. 

When she isn't writing, coaching, or leading journaling workshops, you can find Kristin creating art, spending time in nature, or enjoying a movie night with her family. Kristin currently lives in California’s beautiful Bay Area with her husband, their two sons, and their golden retriever.

Connect with Kristin at

Niki Hardy


Know Your Ideal Reader

The first part of serving your reader is knowing your reader. You may have a vague sense of who they are, but do you know what their struggles are? Can you articulate what they’re hoping for? And can you “read their mind”? Learn how to uncover your ideal reader and create a detailed ideal customer avatar (ICA) so you can serve your audience better, grow your platform, and stop wondering what to write next.

Niki Hardy is an English author, speaker, podcaster, and coach who's all about helping you love the life you have by growing the faith you long for. Her work has been featured on TV and radio and in print and online publications. Niki loves running trails with her goldendoodles, a good cup of tea, and telling terrible jokes. Unfortunately, she’s still figuring out which remote turns the TV on.

Connect with Niki at

Caleb Peavy


Launch Your Book Like a Pro

You've written a book. (Yay, you!) Now the time has come to share it with the world. Alongside industry marketing expert Caleb Peavy, discover some proven ideas for launching your book and getting it into the hands of your ideal reader.

Caleb Peavy, founder and CEO of Unmutable, draws on over a decade of leading marketing growth strategies for authors, authorpreneurs, and online creators. "Marketing is movement not manipulation" is Unmutable's core belief. Their vision is to help their clients directly and measurably influence 200 million people by 2025. Caleb, his wife Ana, their four children (and a few peacocks, yes peacocks) live in Bethlehem, Georgia.

Connect with Caleb at

Kimberly Coyle


Show, Don’t Tell: A Conversation on Craft

Good storytelling is an art form requiring practice and a growing understanding of how to write an engaging narrative. No matter your genre or where you are on the writing journey, learn the essential elements of good storytelling and discover ways to develop your craft.

Kimberly Coyle is a freelance writer with an MFA in creative nonfiction. She writes regularly online and has written for Ruminate blog, Hippocampus, Barren Magazine, Fathom Mag, The Write Life, Paper and String, and In Touch Ministries Magazine, among others. 

Kimberly is also a copywriter on the hope*writers content development team and has been a hope*writers member since its inception. In addition to writing, she is a writing tutor and adjunct professor of college writing and critical reading at Fairleigh Dickinson University in New Jersey. As a guided hope*circle facilitator and writing workshop host, she loves to help other writers grow in the craft of writing and get their words published. 

Connect with Kimberly at

Laura Thomas


Create Compelling Characters in Fiction

As fiction writers, we want our characters to be utterly unforgettable, real and relatable for our readers, and enrich and enhance the plot of our story. Discover tools and tips for developing complex characters to take your work in progress to the next level!

Laura Thomas is a widely-published Christian author who writes heartwarming encouragement for your soul and is a hope*writers Certified Coach. She has three Christian romantic suspense novels published by Anaiah Press: The Glass Bottom Boat, The Lighthouse Baby, and The Orphan Beach. Her latest book, The Christmas Cabin, is a Christmas novella, and will be published this November. Laura is a book-loving, chocoholic mom and gigi and is married to her high school sweetheart. Originally from the UK, they live in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada, as audacious empty-nesters. 

Connect with Laura at

Clarissa Moll


How To Tell Your Hard Story

We all have a story, but not all stories are easy to tell. Sometimes the pain feels too raw, or we simply don't know where to start. Discover ways to share the difficult pieces of your life for the good of your reader without sacrificing the parts that need to remain sacred.

Clarissa Moll is an award-winning writer and podcaster who helps bereaved people find flourishing after loss. Clarissa’s writing appears in Christianity Today, The Gospel Coalition, RELEVANT, Modern Loss, Grief Digest, and more. 

She cohosts Christianity Today’s Surprised by Grief podcast, holds a master’s degree from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, and is a frequent guest on podcasts and radio shows. Clarissa is the author of Beyond the Darkness: A Gentle Guide for Living with Grief and Thriving after Loss. She lives a joyful life with her four children and rescue pups, calling both New England and the Pacific Northwest home. 

Connect with Clarissa at

Sarah E. Westfall


Start a Newsletter from Scratch

You want to build an email list and connect with your readers, but when it comes to writing a newsletter, you wonder where to begin. In this session, Sarah E. Westfall shares three building blocks of an engaging newsletter, giving you a framework for how to launch one that aligns with your message, your reader, and your actual writing life. ​​

Sarah is a writer, podcast host, and Director of Community for hope*writers. Her work explores faith and belonging and has been featured in publications such as (in)courage, RELEVANT, and Fathom Mag. Sarah lives for slow Saturday mornings at home, sipping pour-over coffee with her husband Ben as their four sons play (very loudly). 

Connect with Sarah at

Megan Ericson


Grow Your Social Media Following

It's no secret: Publishers pay attention to the numbers. But how can you keep up with the constant demands of social posting without draining all your creative time and energy? In this session, you’ll learn how to grow your following without spending hours glued to your phone thanks to Megan's three-step method for creating, scheduling, and engaging with your posts.

Megan Ericson serves as hope*writers Director of Growth over sales and marketing and has been helping writers market their work since 2018. She's a social media marketer with decades of experience and the founder of the Social Growth Society. Her superpower is cutting through the social media clutter to show you what's clickable content and what's wasting your time.

Connect with Megan at

Ariel Curry


Craft the Perfect Agent Query Letter

You have a completed book proposal, an email list, and a strong platform, and you're ready to reach out to a literary agent. But what in the world do you say in a query letter to stand out from the stack? Come learn the ingredients to writing a good query letter.

Ariel Curry is an editor and writing coach with over 10 years of experience in publishing. She enjoys brainstorming and outlining new book ideas, bringing clarity and purpose to prose, and helping authors find resilience in their writing journey. Ariel lives in Chattanooga, Tennessee, with her husband and their dogs, Enyo and Tenaya.

Connect with Ariel at

Kathy Izard


Is Independent Publishing Right for You?

Do you have a finished (or almost finished) manuscript but feel stuck on the next step? Should you keep querying agents and hoping for a book deal, or are there other paths to publishing? Join author and hope*writers book coach Kathy Izard as she walks you through the many ways to become a published author of adult or children’s books and how to figure out the path that is right for you. 

Kathy has published four books in three ways (independent publishing, hybrid publishing, and traditional publishing). Her first independently-published book received a national 2017 Christopher Award for Inspirational Nonfiction and led to a book contract with a Big Five Publisher. Her work has been featured on The Today Show and NPR, inspiring people to be change-makers in their communities. 

Connect with Kathy at

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What previous conference attendees have to say:


"Wow!! The absolute BEST writing conference I’ve ever attended! Thank you to everyone who made it possible."


"I made a choice to do something for me, a choice to attend this conference. I’m so happy I did because at first I thought it was selfish, but after all the talks I know I made a brave choice to allow my soul to breathe again. Thank you, hope*writers."


"It was my first ever writing conference, and I may now be spoiled for any others! I wasn’t even a member, and I wasn’t sure I belonged there, but I was welcomed and I’m a hope*writer now. I am still getting used to calling myself a writer."


"Feeling so exhilarated, validated, and grateful. Thank you."


“I was looking for a writing community, and that's what I found in hope*writers. While breakout sessions and guest speakers were all very informative, peer interaction was the highlight for me. To finally talk over chips and salsa with once strangers who had become friends made the writing life seem that much more real to me. These little connections in real life are so vital for a long-term writing vocation, as many of them turn into collaborations and friendships that give an added depth to my work.”


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Professional Headshots

Every serious writer needs a professional headshot. If you need to update yours or have never had one at all, consider adding a headshot photo session to your ticket purchase for only $100. The session itself will be quick and painless! You’ll receive digital files you can use on your social media, your website, and even the back cover of your book. (You’ll be able to add this to your ticket purchase upon checkout.)

The Writerly Shop

If you’ve self-published or traditionally published a book, you’re welcome to include it in The Writerly Shop! To participate, bring five physical copies of your book with you and drop them off at The Writerly Shop on the first night of the conference (Thursday, November 3rd). We will NOT be able to receive your books after this time. In exchange for your books, you will receive store credit to The Writerly Shop ($25 for five paperback books and $50 for five hardback books). You can use your store credit during the conference to purchase books from other writers as well as other writerly goods. 

Lifetime Members Reception 

We're inviting all lifetime members who purchase a conference ticket to a reception on Thursday night. Light refreshments and drinks will be provided. This is your chance to interact with other lifetime members, the hope*writers team, and our speakers and workshop leaders. Want in on this event? Click here to upgrade your membership or join as a lifetime member before October 1st to be included in this exclusive reception.

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"I came a little nervous, feeling awkward and shy, brave and unsure. Through the rich, wonderful teaching and connection with brand-new friends, I was filled to overflowing. I left with a bounce to my step, a huge smile, and shining eyes, wishing it didn't have to end. To my surprise, I never hit information overload. I just felt very glad and grateful and inspired."
— Kristie Johnson Fledderjohann

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