3 Things To Know Before You Start a Podcast

At first glance, podcasting and writing appear to have little in common. However, podcasting is rooted in providing thoughtfully organized information, which often involves storytelling — just like writing. These are the same skills writers use to engage their readers.Writers often consider starting a podcast to broaden the reach of their message.

If you’re a writer who wants to start a podcast, there are a number of things to consider before you begin. We asked author and podcaster Knox McCoy of The Popcast with Knox and Jamie for his top tips for aspiring podcasters. 

Here’s what Knox recommends:


Know your why.

The podcasting market has exploded over the last few years, and it’s a crowded space. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t add your voice, but it does mean you’ll need to know why you’re joining the world of podcasting. 

You will likely need a secondary platform to gather your audience outside of podcasting. Knowing your why will help you decide what is primary and what is secondary in terms of your platform. If you’re already a writer building an audience online, podcasting can be a great secondary addition. If you’re new to podcasting and writing altogether, you’ll need to consider what your purpose is for the podcast and how you’ll build a secondary platform to complement that purpose.


Pick a niche topic. 

The more niche your topic, the more likely you are to find an audience. Because of the saturated market, broader topics can easily become lost among already established voices. How can you approach a familiar topic in a fresh way? What specific spin can you put on a topic to make it unique?

Begin by investigating what’s already available to listeners. Where does your message or topic intersect with other podcasts? Next, consider how you can produce creative and clever work by choosing a niche in your area of expertise or interest. As a writer, this is a skill you’ve already developed, so be sure to apply it to podcasting.


Be consistent.

If you know your purpose and you’ve defined your niche, the next step is to look at your content schedule and determine if you can commit to podcasting for a significant period of time. Knox recommends that new podcasters choose a consistent podcasting schedule and stick to it for a full year. 

Can you commit to a yearlong project? If your current schedule doesn’t support consistent podcast work, then this may not be the time to launch something new. Inconsistent content frustrates listeners, and it’s more difficult to find new listeners than it is to keep the ones you’ve already established.

Pick a schedule that works for you and provide consistent, niche content that you can share on multiple platforms. And don’t forget to have fun while you’re doing it!


Are you interested in starting a podcast while continuing to grow as a writer? Knox shares his best advice on both writing and podcasting with our hope*writers members. Click here for free access to our entire conversation and take one step towards balancing the art of writing and speaking with the business of publishing.


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