how to grow on social media

If you’ve been struggling to grow your following on social media, we have one word for you.


Truth is, 7 out of 10 posts on your Instagram feed are now “Instagram Reels”.


These are those short form, vertical video posts that you’ve been seeing so much of.


And if it’s your goal to GROW your following so you can:

-reach more readers

-share your message

-impact people with your story


…then it’s time to create a STRATEGY for creating and posting video consistently.


Here are a few suggestions:


  1. Document during your day.
  2. Scroll, screenshot, and save
  3. Schedule a weekly zoom call with a friend


Let’s break these strategies down…


1. Document during your day.

Instead of randomly trying to come up with something to film, set an interval timer for every 60-90 minutes throughout your day. When the timer goes off, take out your phone, press record, and describe something you just did in the last hour. Imagine someone with less experience than you- what would you teach her based on what you just did?


2. Scroll, screenshot, and save

It’s time to use social media differently. Instead of just mindlessly scrolling, pay attention to what captures your attention. When you find yourself rewatching a video post take an extra second to screenshot or save the post. You can use these “camera roll” clips as inspiration for your own content.


3. Schedule a weekly zoom call with a friend

Once a month, schedule a zoom call with a friend to “film” your content. Set your phone up on a tripod or just use your webcam to record. Take turns asking each other questions and film the answers as content for your social media. By having someone else ask you questions and coach you, you’ll find that creating video content is so much easier.


(This is actually the process we follow at hope*social, our new video creation service. Click here to learn more.)


Yes, the world of social media has changed. And if this feels overwhelming, know that you are not alone. We’re all trying to figure this out together. So remember, the world needs your hope*filled words now more than ever before.


And perhaps hope*social is the solution you’ve been looking for to help you create consistent video content.


Click here to learn more.


-your hope*writer team


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