4 Partnerships You Need To Successfully Self-Publish

There are numerous reasons that writers choose to self-publish, but one of the most common is the ability to control the process from start to finish. This can feel either liberating or daunting, depending on your perspective. Self-publishing may seem like a one-person endeavor, but much like in traditional publishing, it still requires a team of people to help you publish the best book possible.

Becky Kiser, an author of both self-published and traditionally published books, says, “Sometimes we limit our ability to work together because we’re afraid that it will limit our own success.” As a self-published author, she believes the opposite is true. Becky partners with a team of people to create the best book possible, which has only increased her success. 

At hope*writers, we believe partnering with other publishing professionals doesn’t limit authors; it creates possibilities. The following four partnerships are critical to a self-published writer’s success

A Professional Editor

One of the biggest differences between traditional publishing and self-publishing is the lack of an editorial team to help make your book stronger. Don’t skip the editorial process! A professional editor is an investment but a necessary one. Consider hiring a developmental editor to help with big picture edits and a copy editor to catch grammar and mechanical mistakes. 

Writers can only edit their own words so many times, and we often make mistakes that a seasoned editor will catch and correct. A professional editor will bring all of their experience and education to your book, which will be evident to the reader and make for a stronger finished product.   


A Designer

If you want your book to have the professional polish of a traditionally published book, you need a designer to create the cover. Unless you are a graphic designer or artist yourself, it’s best to leave this job to a professional. The cover art should reflect the same effort as the words inside.

Some authors also hire someone to design the inside of their book. If you have a particular vision for the inside, want to include special features, or simply need help with formatting, a designer is invaluable in helping your book look its best. 

A Tech Assistant

If you are easily bogged down by technology or prefer to focus all your energy on writing, consider hiring someone to assist with the technological aspects of self-publishing. Tech can be one of the most frustrating parts of the publishing process. Having someone who can set up your website, email automations, and payment processing while you focus on writing will relieve much of the pressure. 

You may consider asking a relative,  friend, or college student to assist you, or you can hire a professional for this role. Don’t assume your tech-savvy spouse will be up for the job if they already have a full plate or become easily frustrated when you have questions! Be sure this partnership is mutually agreed upon before beginning. 


A Writing Coach

If you struggle with time management, goal setting, or staying on task, a writing coach could be invaluable to your self-publishing process. Partnering with a coach is one of the best-kept secrets in the writing industry.

Many writers use coaches to help them set achievable goals, identify their ideal readers, plan for their book launch, and so much more. Without the deadlines and team support of the traditional publishing process, it’s easy to get off track and become too frustrated to finish your project. A writing coach helps you make it to the finish line while keeping overwhelm (and your own internal critic) at bay. 

Collaboration will always be a part of the publishing process, regardless of how you approach it. These four partnerships are guaranteed to make the process smoother and your book a stronger finished product. Outside of these four partnerships, you may identify other professionals or people who will add value to your team. Don’t be afraid to invite others in — your success depends on it.


Are you struggling to cross the finish line with self-publishing your book? Hope*writers Certified Coaches specialize in self-publishing, story crafting, project management, and so much more. Check out this free resource to see if working with a coach could be the next right step in your self-publishing journey. 


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