A Writer’s Secret To Making Progress

Are you a writer who struggles to make progress? Setting big goals for your writing life can be exciting, but you can lose momentum if you haven’t moved past the dreaming phase. At hope*writers, we’ve helped thousands of writers like you get unstuck and move forward with their writing goals. 


When you define and refine your writing vision, it’s important to dream and think big. What do you want to be true for your reader because you said yes to your writing? That requires broad thinking. But when it comes to setting goals and making progress toward those goals, the way to get there is not by thinking big. The secret to making progress is more manageable than many writers think. 


The secret is to start small. 


We still need to brainstorm and name our writing vision and goals, but after we identify the big stuff, many of us lose steam. We need to narrow down our goals to a few key targets and focus on building habits around those targets for a set period of time. Ninety days is a great time frame for creating small habits, evaluating progress, and making adjustments along the way.


The goal here is progress, not perfection. If you want to make progress, you need to set realistic targets, work with intention every week, and challenge yourself to learn new things. You can do this alone, but why would you? The hope*writers community offers support to writers like you who want to make progress in tangible ways.


In addition to our thriving online community, our weekly Tuesday Teachings, and our hope*writers resource library, we’ve created a brand new (free!) Progress Planner for new members. The planner is a resource designed to help you take your someday writing goals and bring them into your reality today.


Making progress doesn’t have to feel overwhelming. Keep things simple and take one step at a time. The secret is to start with doable habits, be kind to yourself, and celebrate your progress along the way. 


Do you want to make progress, but you’re not sure where to start? We’re here to help you identify, plan, and track your next steps so you can make real progress on your writing goals. Click here to learn more about the hope*writers community. 


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