Calling All Writers: A Free Virtual Summit Just For You

Are you a writer struggling to make progress? Do you spend hours researching how to get published instead of actually writing? Hope*writers is here to help!

We put together The hope*writers Summit with you in mind. We’ve brought together 15 of the best authors and publishing professionals to teach you how to balance the art of writing and the business of publishing — and it’s free (for a limited time). 

Learn From the Pros

You’re probably wondering: What exactly will I get out of attending this online event? 

Here’s what you’ll discover by joining The hope*writers Summit:

  • What Publishers and Agents Look for in a Writer
  • How To Develop Your Writing Voice
  • Why and How to Create a Writing Routine
  • How To Collaborate With Others and Build a Team
  • How To Write Like an Essentialist
  • And so much more!

We hand-picked respected writing and publishing experts who have successfully navigated the world of writing and publishing. This diverse group of working writers and publishing professionals has decades of experience and wisdom — and they want to share it with you.

These speakers offered to teach their best tips, tools, and practices because they don’t want you to go through the same mistakes or frustrations in your writing journey. Previously, these conversations were only available to our members, but if you join The hope*writers Summit, you’ll have access to them for free.


One of Two Paths

Your journey to making progress in your writing could go one of two ways:

The long and difficult way, where you spend thousands of dollars and countless hours trying to implement outdated writing and publishing tips you discovered by googling experts on the internet. 

Or, the easy and fast way, where you sign up for The hope*writers Summit and get hard-earned insights from experienced writers and publishing professionals who have been in your shoes.

If you’re looking for honest insight and helpful direction to learn how to balance the art of writing with the business of publishing, then you’re in the right place. Click here to sign up for The hope*writers Summit for free!


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