How To Confidently Make Money as a Writer

When you first start out as a writer, you may be driven to share a story or a message, and you might not immediately focus on earning an income. Once you gain experience and build an audience for your work, however, you may begin to wonder: Can I get paid to do this?

There are many roadblocks to earning an income as a writer. Some are practical, but these perceived challenges often live inside our heads. If you want to start making money from your writing, don’t let your mindset be the obstacle that stops you!

Author Jordan Lee Dooley believes writers can and should make money from their craft. She says, “Own the opportunities that are available to you. When you have a creative brain, and you have the ability to put words to feelings that people don’t know how to describe, there’s so much power in that. Own it unapologetically.”

Jordan offers 


Writers invest talent, time, and energy. 

Many of us write privately for years before going public with our work. We work hard to hone our skills and develop our craft over time. We wake up early, stay up late, or squeeze our creative time into the margins of our day. Jordan believes writers need to recognize that the energy they expend to create a blog post, article, or story is worth a reader’s investment. 

It’s reasonable to expect readers to exchange money for our time and expertise. Don’t overlook the talent, time, and energy you offer with each piece you complete. Consumers expect to pay for goods and services, and our work is worthy of payment as much as any other craftsman.


Writers solve problems.

Do you consider yourself a problem solver? If not, think about this: Are you helping readers develop new habits, discover a new path in life, strengthen their values, or learn a skill? Maybe you provide clear answers or practical advice for common questions, or you give readers guidance on particular areas in life where they face challenges. In many ways, our writing offers solutions to readers, and people are willing to pay for solutions. Think outside the box and ask yourself what problem your reader is facing and how you can provide a solution. How much is it worth to them? Charge accordingly.


Writers add value.

“You need to think of it through the lens of the consumer. You need to think of it through the lens of ‘Why do I read books? Why do I like to browse blogs?’ You’re looking for value.” — Jordan Lee Dooley 


As writers, we provide insight from our expertise or our own life experiences, and we help our readers see their lives from a new vantage point. Nonfiction writers offer education, knowledge, inspiration, and solutions. Novelists provide entertainment and fresh perspectives. Poets give readers insight, wisdom, and beauty, to name a few. What you have to offer may feel intangible, but your words have a real impact on readers’ lives. 

Don’t underestimate what you have to offer. People are willing to pay for your work if it adds value to their lives. Once you embrace these three mindset shifts, you can begin to charge for your work with confidence.


Still struggling to see how you can make money as a writer? Jordan shares her story of making a full-time income from her writing in her conversation with hope*writers. Click here for free access to the entire conversation and take one step toward balancing the art of writing with the business of publishing. 


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