Member Spotlight: Ashley Olivine

At hope*writers, we love to highlight our members and their writing progress. This month, we’re celebrating writer Ashley Olivine.

We asked Ashley to tell us about her writing journey as a hope*writer. Here’s Ashley’s story in her own words.


When did you first realize that you are a writer?

I had lunch with a publisher at a business retreat about four years ago. We chatted, and she encouraged me to share my story in her collaboration book. Hesitantly, I embarked on the journey. As the words spilled out of me, I realized there were people out there in need of what I had to offer. As soon as it was published, I knew I had to write a novel, but I still didn’t consider myself a writer. Joining hope*writers and diving in was when I started to actually call myself a writer. Before that, I didn’t really believe it.


What is the value of having a community of writers to come alongside you?

My writing community is everything. It has helped me identify as a writer, get into a good writing routine, and stick with my manuscript when things get tough. Most importantly, these people have been friends in my times of need.


Why is hope*writers the right community for you?

The writing content is valuable, and the people are so incredibly kind and supportive. Hope*writers is a positive environment that supports writing progress.

I have devoured content from the online library, connected with hope*writers using the directory, and built genuine friendships and support networks through hope*circles.


To learn more about Ashley’s writing, you can visit her website or find her on Instagram.


Ashley’s big win after joining hope*writers was writing a draft of her first novel! She says, “I finished the first draft of my novel’s manuscript — over 100,000 words. (I promise I’m cutting some during the editing process).”


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