Member Spotlight: hope*writer Ellen Morgan

At hope*writers, we love to highlight our members and their writing progress. This month, we’re celebrating nonfiction writer and hospice nurse Ellen Morgan.

We asked Ellen to tell us about her journey as a hope*writer. Here’s Ellen’s story in her own words.


When did you first realize that you are a writer?

Thinking back over my life, there were times of confirmation of my ability to write. In high school, my junior English teacher made positive comments on my papers that boosted my confidence. In college, one of my English professors read my writing aloud in class as an example of “good writing.” I didn’t believe it was that good, but he did. That was another huge affirmation for me. 

In 2003, I saw an ad about being a children’s writer through the Institute of Children’s Literature. It posed a question: “Do you have what it takes to be a children’s writer?” I sent in a piece about my embarrassing experience as a young girl in elementary school entitled Ice Princess. I passed their aptitude test, and they offered me a children’s writing course, which I took. It was a great learning experience, and I still have a strong desire to write for kids.


Why is hope*writers the right community for you?

When I think about hope*writers and all I’ve learned about writing, it’s like going into a children’s discovery museum. There are so many things to see and experience. Tuesday Teaching has opened my eyes to the world of writing. I have learned something valuable from every teacher. I may think some topics aren’t relevant to me, but as I watch and listen, there’s always something that resonates. After listening to Tuesday Teaching, I know I was meant to write — I have something of value to share. Hope*writers has convinced me of that, and I now believe it wholeheartedly.


What is the value of having a community of writers to come alongside you?

I cannot tell you how encouraging and affirming it has been to belong to a community of writers. In this community, I don’t feel crazy for wanting to be a writer. Other hope*writers know the value of being a writer. They live and breathe it. I really love being a part of hope*writers!


To learn more about Ellen’s writing, you can visit her blog


Ellen’s final thoughts:

I would have never known how to be a writer and make a living doing something I really enjoy without hope*writers. I can’t tell you how grateful I am that hope*writers exists. It has been such a huge resource and support to me. 

One year from now, I would like to work on publishing a devotional book. I’ve been a hospice nurse for almost nine years, and I have a desire to encourage hospice nurses to keep pressing on in this sacred and rewarding but very difficult work. 


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