Member Spotlight :: hope*writer Stephanie Lewis

At hope*writers, we love to highlight our members and their writing progress, and this month we’re celebrating nonfiction writer Stephanie Lewis.

We asked Stephanie to tell us about her writing journey as a hope*writer. Here’s Stephanie’s story in her own words.


When did you first realize you were a writer?

Childhood — I wrote poems or letters and gave them to people I loved and/or looked up to. It was clear to me early on that I communicated best in writing.


What specific progress have you made since becoming a hope*writer?  

My big win is the confidence I have developed. I have known that I am a writer for most of my life. I just didn't dare say that out loud. Now, I am confident that the words I write are making a difference for people. I publicly admit to being a writer. That has opened doors for me in my local community. 

What membership benefit had the biggest influence on helping you make this progress? 

Guided hope*circles have helped the most. The ability to talk to random writers all over the world has been eye-opening for me. I have gotten more encouragement than I have ever received from breakout groups, especially concerning my ideas. I have always struggled with believing I had nothing worth sharing, and my ideas are lame. I know now that I can most definitely write for a larger audience and others want to hear what I have to say. 


Why is hope*writers the right community for you?

Not only are there people who "get" me, but the amount of ongoing education available on literally every topic is astounding. As a lifetime member, there is no end to the help available. Also, there is no pressure, just whatever level of support needed on any given day.


 To learn more about Stephanie’s writing, you can visit her website or find her on Instagram. 


Stephanie’s final thoughts: 

I had heard of hope*writers for a while and stubbornly refused to even explore it. I was so afraid I would feel insignificant, or worse, find out that I am a terrible writer and should hang it up. I am so happy I was able to push past my fear. The benefits have immeasurably surpassed the risks. I feel like in hope*writers, I have everything I could possibly need to be successful as the writer I most certainly am.  


Do you communicate best through writing like Stephanie but struggle with confidence? Wherever you are on the writing journey, we’re here to help. Here’s the good news: there's a path to making progress, and you're already on it. Take our short quiz to discover your writing stage today.


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