Member Spotlight :: hope*writer Torrie Sorge

At hope*writers, we love to celebrate our members and their writing progress. Each month, we highlight a member whose work caught our attention, and this month we’re celebrating nonfiction writer Torrie Sorge.

We asked Torrie to tell us about her writing journey as a hope*writer. Here’s Torrie’s story in her own words. To learn more about Torrie’s writing, you can visit her website or find her on Instagram.


When did you first realize you were a writer?

I first knew I enjoyed writing in high school. Over the years, I dabbled with writing as a hobby. In January 2021, I first typed the words, "I am a writer."


What is the value of having a community of writers to come alongside you?

Hope*writers has already proven to be invaluable in my writing journey. As I scroll through the hope*writers library, I find video after video, teaching after teaching, aimed at not only providing answers to questions, but equipping and encouraging me along the way. 

It's replaced Google as the first stop for all my writing questions. If I can't find what I'm looking for, I've found a group of people in the hope*writers Facebook group who are ready and willing to answer questions, provide guidance, and encourage each other. I love that no matter where a person is on the journey, every writer is welcome and has a seat at the table. 


What specific progress have you made since becoming a hope*writer? 

  • I started calling myself a writer out loud to family, friends and co-workers. 

  • I decided to build a new website with a blog embedded in it rather than revive my old one. 

  • I narrowed down my target audience. Giving one of my target readers a name and complete bio made a huge difference. Now when I write, I'm writing directly to "Alli" rather than a large group of blank faces. It's helping bring out a more personal side to my work.

  • Narrowing down the message of my writing has helped me identify my niche. Every time I answered the question “What do you write about?” it forced me to become more specific. 

  • I am currently working on my first lead magnet to help increase my email list. I want to have it ready when my website goes live. Having a fellow hope*writer, who is a copywriter, offer to help me complete this task was amazing. Together we worked to find just the right item to offer new subscribers. 


Why is hope*writers the right community for you?

I knew hope*writers was the right choice for me after Enrollment Specialist Melody Pendlebury and I spoke via video chat. She took her time answering every question. Her honesty and authenticity spoke to me, and I knew immediately this was where I needed to be.

Whether I'm trying to learn how to make time to write, grow my email list, learn what a lead magnet is, or craft my first book proposal, hope*writers is there. They genuinely not only want to see me succeed as a writer, they believe in my story and that my words hold value. 

This is a community of compassion, not competition. I'm humbled to be a hope*writer alongside other writers!


How has hope*writers helped you make progress in your writing? 

The resources in my hope*writers library. 

I'm a very motivated person. Once I decide to do something, I'm all in. However, it's easy to get overwhelmed or stuck along the way. Hope*writers has provided the tools for each stage of my journey. When I didn't know how to grow my email list, there was a video. When I didn't understand what a "lead magnet" was, I found a video that explained it. When I was wondering if I should use my Blogger account from 2011 or create an updated one, I found tools to help me make the best choice for my long-term goals.


Are you interested in finding a writing community that helps you call yourself a writer and make consistent progress like Torrie? Click here to learn more about how to join hope*writers!



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