One Way to Generate Consistent Income as a Working Writer

Do you want to become a working writer with a steady income? 

You could rely on your writing skills and focus on producing more articles, more blog posts, or more books. But, publication isn’t the only income option available. Many writers find that creating multiple streams of income without relying solely on content production is a healthy and viable way to make a living as a writer.  

If you’re looking for a new way to use your writing skills and generate more consistent income, becoming a certified writing coach may be the right path for you. A writing coach is someone who mentors other writers in various aspects of the writing life. As a writing coach, you have the opportunity to draw on your writing skills, your experience, and your expertise to help writers a few steps behind you enter the writing world with confidence.

Perhaps your strength is the craft of writing, pitching articles, editing, book proposal development, or self-publishing. Maybe you are already an unofficial mentor who comes alongside fellow writers to help them see writing opportunities in new ways. Whatever your genre, skillset, or experience, you have something valuable to share with other writers. Many of these writers are willing to pay you for your expertise, allowing you to establish a consistent income stream that doesn’t depend on your ability to produce content.

In addition to being a steady income source, coaching also:

  • Helps you continue sharpening your own skills - Coaches are always learning new tips and techniques they can share with their clients. As you help your clients improve their writing, you’ll find that your writing will start to improve too. 
  • Gives you the satisfaction of knowing you’re helping other writers meet their writing goals - It’s rewarding to invest your time and energy into another writer’s work and see how your coaching helps them make progress. After all, writing is always better together! 
  • Grants you the flexibility to make your own schedule - Whether you’re looking for a slow-growing side-gig or a business that will become a full-time job, coaching offers the flexibility to create a meaningful career without sacrificing your meaningful life.

 While certification through an organization isn’t required to become a coach, it offers potential coaches a place to start and develop their coaching and business skills before taking on clients. Certification also gives potential clients confidence in your ability to help them accomplish their goals. The training you receive in a certification program eliminates the steep learning curve of starting a new coaching business so you can focus on what you already do best.

That’s why we’re excited to launch the hope*writers Coach Certification Program. As a hope*writers Certified Coach, you’ll have the training, support, and encouragement of the hope*writers team as you discover your coaching style, launch your coaching business, and begin accepting clients. 

Once certified, you’ll have the hope*writers stamp of approval to start coaching our 4,000+ members and help them make progress on their writing goals — all while generating a consistent income for yourself too.


Interested in becoming a hope*writers Certified Coach and generating a steady income while helping other hope*writers make progress on their writing goals? Join us for a free training with our Director of Coaching, Kate Riney to learn more. Click here to register.


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