Why a Book Is the Last Resort

As writers working in the internet age, we have the unique opportunity to publish our work on any number of platforms. From social media to blogs to webinars, e-books, and self-publishing sites, we have the power of choice at our fingertips. These publishing opportunities offer great flexibility, but they also come with the challenge of discerning the best platform for our words.

Hope*writers sat down with prolific author and speaker Beth Moore, and she shared the steps she takes to determine how and when to publish her work. 

Hint: It never begins with a book!


Start Small on Social Media

Choose the social media platform you like best and test your ideas there first. If you feel satisfied after sharing an idea on social media and it no longer occupies your thoughts, there’s no need to pursue it any further.

After posting on social media, you may find that the conversation it creates with readers may spark even further thought. If you continue to feel yourself compelled to discuss the idea further, then it’s time to consider another approach to your work.

Write a Short Piece

Your next step may include writing a blog post or an article. If you’re a writer and speaker, you could prepare a talk about your topic. If you continue to feel passionate about your idea, pursue more writing opportunities where you can flesh out your thoughts further.

Ask yourself the following questions as you pursue a larger body of work: What resonates with  readers? How can I further develop my topic to serve them? Does my writing on this topic generate even more ideas and spark further work?


Follow Your Passion to Write Your Book

If you’ve developed your idea beyond social media, articles, or speaking events, and you still have more to say, it may be time to consider writing your book.


“It takes a lot of endurance to see a major project through to the end. Especially today because we are trained for . . . immediate gratification.” Beth Moore


It’s important to know your level of commitment, your passion, and your ideas thoroughly enough to decide if you can commit to a larger work like a book. Whether you choose traditional publishing or self-publishing, it can take months or even years to complete a manuscript. Because these words are written in private over a long period of time, there are no readers offering immediate feedback or interacting with your words.

Few ideas deserve a book-length work. Writers who know the difference between a topic that would be satisfied with an essay and one that would be better served with a book will be less likely to burn out and more likely to sustain their creative energy in the long run. Your passion will be the sustaining force behind your work.


Our conversation with Beth Moore is filled with practical advice for writers based on her decades of experience. Want to hear more from this member favorite? Click here for free access to our entire conversation and take one step towards balancing the art of writing with the business of publishing.


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