Why Every Writer Needs a Blog

Author and prolific blogger Frank Viola wants writers to know: Blogging isn’t dead. If you are a writer who wants to reach readers, a blog is still the best place to do it. Blogging hasn’t disappeared, it has evolved since the height of its popularity in the early to mid-2000s, and that’s good news for writers who are beginning to build their online presence. 

For many content creators, social media has taken over where blogs left off. While social media is an important tool for reaching followers and growing a platform, it’s also a borrowed digital space. Writers are subject to algorithms, platform changes, and the possibility of losing their work altogether. On the other hand, a blog belongs to you, the creator. You can offer whatever you want in your space.


“A blog is still pertinent, relevant, and even more appropriate today than ever.” Frank Viola


Why do you need a blog? Here are four reasons blogging remains an excellent way to build your readership. 


Blogging improves your writing.

Most writers grow their readership alongside their craft. If you want to grow in the craft of writing, blogging offers a safe, accessible opportunity to practice your work. You can write and publish as frequently as you like while gaining valuable experience. The best way to improve your writing is to write and write often.


Blogging provides instant feedback.

Before blogging arrived on the internet, writers had to wait weeks or even months to see their work in print. There was little opportunity to connect directly with readers, which made it difficult for writers to receive helpful feedback. Blogging allows you to connect directly and in real time with your reader. It gives you the chance to see what material resonates and what doesn’t, and to pivot your content accordingly.


Blogging helps you create content to repurpose.

In the digital age, it can feel like we’re expected to create fresh content on a daily basis for social media, our blogs, and larger projects. Seasoned writers know that repurposing content is the easiest way to accomplish this without burning out. Blog content can be easily repurposed for shorter pieces on social media, and can also be a great place to develop ideas you’d like to offer in longer form later through a course or a book. Write with the express purpose of sharing your words in multiple forms, knowing that it can begin with one piece of solid content.


Blogging is your home base to grow a loyal readership.

Unlike social media, you own your blog. You control it. This is great news for writers! It allows you to connect directly with your reader without a middle man, while also providing opportunities for you to share other work beyond your blogging. If you intend to create a course, start a podcast, sell products, or write a book, you need a home base. A blog allows you to point your loyal readers in any direction of your choosing, while continuing to provide them with consistent, creative content.  

Blogging isn’t dead. It’s an opportunity for you to take ownership of your work and bring your writing directly to readers.


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