Why It's Never Too Soon To Hire a Writing Coach

Have you ever felt stuck when it comes to your writing? From beginner to expert, every writer has experienced frustration with a project or their progress at some point. If you’re struggling to identify your next step as a writer or having trouble staying on track with projects, hiring a writing coach may be the right thing for you.

It’s never too soon to hire a writing coach, especially if you’re at the beginning stages of your writing career. As new writers, we tend to make excuses that stunt our growth before we even get started.  When we tell ourselves we need to be a better writer or be ready to publish a book before hiring a coach, we disqualify ourselves from receiving the guidance we need to keep moving forward on our writing goals. 

These myths about readiness are the reason so many writers struggle to make progress. The sooner you take your work seriously, the sooner you’ll begin to take the necessary steps to meet your goals. Hiring a coach is a significant step that shows your writing matters, and you’re willing to invest in your progress.

When You’re Stuck

If you’re feeling stuck, a writing coach will help you identify and overcome the emotional hurdles keeping you there. When you’re just starting out, it’s easy to get stuck in self-doubt, procrastination, or the belief that you can’t write unless you "feel inspired." A writing coach can help you move past the frustrations that come with the steep learning curve of being an early-stage writer.


When You Don’t Know Your Next Step

A writing coach can also help you learn how to set clear, actionable writing goals and stick to them. It’s never too soon to make a plan for your writing life. In fact, it’s the only way to meet your goals. Coaches can help you identify your ideal reader and name what matters most to you in your writing life. Once you have these key insights, you can develop meaningful goals specific to you. Coaches meet you right where you are, whether you’re a new blogger or a multi-book author. If you need help identifying your next step, a writing coach can help you see the bigger picture.


When You Have Trouble Staying on Track

Once a coach helps you determine your next steps, they’ll also provide the accountability you need to follow through. Many writers need an accountability partner, and it’s never too soon in your career to find one. Writing coaches help writers get unstuck, create a plan, and then stick to it. This is the path to progress for every writer, regardless of experience level or publication status.

We all need help to reach the next level in our writing life. Forget your excuses, and consider what it could look like to have a writing coach come alongside you and help you make real progress. 

It just might change everything.

Is hiring a writing coach your next step to making progress? Click here to learn more about the hope*writers coaching program and book your first session today!


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