Why You Need a Writing Community

Are you tired of searching online for answers to your latest writing conundrum? Do you need fresh, creative inspiration or a fellow writer to offer feedback on your ideas? You’re not alone. Many writers find the writing life to be a solitary one, but it doesn’t have to be. 

At hope*writers, we believe that we are better together. Every writer needs a community to support their writing life. Here’s why:


Encouragement and Support

Your fellow writers get it. They know what it’s like to struggle to find the time to write. They understand what it takes to wrestle with sentences and paragraphs until every word feels right. They experience the same frustrations that come with building an audience or pitching their work to publications. They know because they’re trying to do it too. A writing community offers support and encouragement from people who understand your experience firsthand and want to help you thrive.


Helpful Feedback

Encouragement to keep writing is wonderful and necessary, but many writers also need an experienced set of eyes on their work. With a writing community, you have the opportunity to engage with others who may be willing to offer feedback on your work. It’s often difficult to see where we need to bring clarity, make cuts, or change up the pacing in our own writing. Ask another writer to offer constructive criticism on your work in progress, and your writing will inevitably grow stronger.

Creative Inspiration

If you’re struggling with developing a character, writing a tricky scene, or you need fresh ideas for your writing life, other writers can help. They may also be able to offer creative inspiration for common writing concerns like lack of time, how to find readers, or how to navigate social media. There’s a reason artists, musicians, dancers, and writers spend time with their fellow creatives — creativity is catching! Writing can be fun and generative when shared in the context of a writing community. 


Advice and Answers

Chances are, other writers in your community have experienced the same challenges you have, and they can help you find solutions. Maybe you’re not sure how to find publications accepting articles, or you don’t know the first step to building a website for your work. Maybe you don’t understand how to reach readers on Instagram or what it takes to self-publish a book. You need answers, and your peers have them. You don’t have to spend hours on Google — ask a writer who’s a few steps ahead of you for her advice. 

A healthy community that offers the best support, feedback, inspiration, and advice includes members in every stage of the writing life. No one knows the writing life like a fellow writer. Don’t settle for solitary — find your community and flourish!


One way to find your writing community is to attend a writer’s conference. Join us for The hope*writers Conference on November 3-5 just outside of Charlotte, North Carolina. Can’t join us in person? You can still find connection and community through our livestream option. Click here for more information.


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