Essentialism for Writers

The creative work of writing often requires writers to focus on numerous aspects of the job at once. From developing a daily writing habit to honing your voice, identifying your audience, executing a marketing strategy, and connecting with publishers . . . it can feel overwhelming, especially for writers who are new to publishing their work.

One of the keys to success as a writer can be found in applying the principles of essentialism, a word coined by Greg McKeown, the bestselling author of Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less. 


What is essentialism?

Greg defines essentialism for hope*writers, saying, “For so many of us, modern life produces the undisciplined pursuit of more . . . Essentialism is the disciplined pursuit of less, but better.” 

How does this apply to writers? At hope*writers, we believe essentialism means doing the right things in the right order.

Why does it matter?

Every writer is at a different stage of their development, and...

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What’s Your Writing Stage?

At hope*writers, we’ve found that one of the main reasons writers struggle to make progress in their writing is not that they lack ideas, but that they’re doing all the right things in the wrong order. It can be difficult for writers to figure out their next steps when they’re lost in random advice found on the internet. 

In our work supporting writers, we’ve found that there is a six-stage path to making progress in your writing life. The good news is, you’re already on it!  

The purpose of the six-stage hope*writer path is to help you pause, take inventory of where you are, and give yourself permission to ignore all the other stuff for now. Do you recognize yourself in one of the following stages?

Stage 1: Writer

In this stage, you’ve begun to call yourself a writer. You’re focused on establishing a daily writing routine so you can write with confidence. In Stage 1, your goal is to practice your craft.


Stage 2:...

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