4 Partnerships You Need To Successfully Self-Publish

There are numerous reasons that writers choose to self-publish, but one of the most common is the ability to control the process from start to finish. This can feel either liberating or daunting, depending on your perspective. Self-publishing may seem like a one-person endeavor, but much like in traditional publishing, it still requires a team of people to help you publish the best book possible.

Becky Kiser, an author of both self-published and traditionally published books, says, “Sometimes we limit our ability to work together because we’re afraid that it will limit our own success.” As a self-published author, she believes the opposite is true. Becky partners with a team of people to create the best book possible, which has only increased her success. 

At hope*writers, we believe partnering with other publishing professionals doesn’t limit authors; it creates possibilities. The following four partnerships are critical to a self-published...

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