4 Things Successful Writers Never Say

support writing habits Feb 21, 2022

Do you struggle to call yourself a writer? If so, you’re not alone. Writing coach and author Allison Fallon says that many of the writers she works with struggle with mental obstacles like this one. “The actual practical obstacles to writing are not that hard to overcome,” Allison says. “It’s the mental obstacles that are the hardest.”

Based on her experience coaching countless writers, Allison shares four false beliefs writers must overcome to make progress in their work.


1. I'm not a real writer. 

Some people receive a lot of affirmation about their writing early in their lives, which helps them call themselves writers from the get-go. However, many of us take a circuitous route to writing or begin writing later in life. We may not have the affirmation of others because much of our work has been done in private. 


“Writers worry that they’re not a real writer.” — Allison Fallon


If you're...

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The Next Writing Relationship You Need

support writing coach Feb 14, 2022

All writers need a supportive community, but sometimes it can be tricky to know what kind of help you need. If you feel frustrated, stuck, or unsure of your next steps, a writing coach may be the next person to add to your team. 

It’s easy to confuse a writing coach with other support roles a writer needs, such as an editor, teacher, or critique partner. Let’s explore how coaching differs from other writing relationships and why a coach is the next writing relationship you need to make real progress. 


A coach is not an editor.

An editor is focused on the work you produce. They offer in-depth feedback on your writing, and then you make changes based on their suggestions. An editor will help shape your article or book into a stronger piece, but they won’t help you overcome the hurdles associated with writing it.

On the other hand, a coach is focused on you, the writer. They will help you identify and overcome writing hurdles, offer strategies for...

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Calling All Writers: A Free Virtual Summit Just For You

Are you a writer struggling to make progress? Do you spend hours researching how to get published instead of actually writing? Hope*writers is here to help!

We put together The hope*writers Summit with you in mind. We’ve brought together 15 of the best authors and publishing professionals to teach you how to balance the art of writing and the business of publishing — and it’s free (for a limited time). 

Learn From the Pros

You’re probably wondering: What exactly will I get out of attending this online event? 

Here’s what you’ll discover by joining The hope*writers Summit:

  • What Publishers and Agents Look for in a Writer
  • How To Develop Your Writing Voice
  • Why and How to Create a Writing Routine
  • How To Collaborate With Others and Build a Team
  • How To Write Like an Essentialist
  • And so much more!

We hand-picked respected writing and publishing experts who have successfully navigated the world of writing and publishing. This diverse group of...

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4 People Every Working Writer Needs In Their Corner

Writing may seem like a solitary profession, but all writers need a supportive community to help them accomplish their goals and flourish in their craft. Established writers often work with a literary agent, multiple editors, a marketing strategist, and numerous other people before they see their work in print. 

But, what if we’re writers who are still building our body of work and our writing career? Who should we look to for encouragement and support? What type of people do we need in our corner to help us improve our craft, reach our goals, and keep writing, even when the writing gets tough?

Read on to find out!


A Friend 

Every writer needs a friend who is a fellow writer. Family and non-writerly friends can lend support and listen to our concerns, but no one understands the writing life better than someone else immersed in the world of writing and publishing.

A fellow writing friend is a resonator. They resonate with our frustrations, our questions, and...

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Member Spotlight :: hope*writer Anna Beard-Greeno

member spotlight support Feb 22, 2021

To learn more about Anna’s writing, you can visit her website or find her on Instagram.

At hope*writers, we love to celebrate our members and their writing progress. Each month, we highlight a member whose work caught our attention, and this month we’re celebrating nonfiction writer Anna Beard-Greeno.

We asked Anna to tell us about her writing journey as a hope*writer. Here’s Anna’s story in her own words.


When did you first realize you were a writer?

I have always loved writing, but didn’t start taking it seriously until about two years ago. I had just come to the end of a twenty-year homeschooling journey with my five children and was wondering, “Now what?” I started listening to Emily Freeman’s The Next Right Thing podcast and decided to start getting serious about my writing. The writing I do is nonfiction. My goal is to encourage others in their relationships with Jesus, others, and themselves through my writing.



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What Is hope*writers?

community support Jan 11, 2021

What is hope*writers? We’re so glad you asked! If you’ve found yourself here, it’s probably because you’re a writer looking for help on the internet. Maybe frustration with your progress has led you on endless Google searches, or you’ve followed rabbit trails all over cyberspace and come up either overwhelmed or empty-handed.

We’re here to help. 

We are a community of working writers dedicated to helping you make progress as you learn to balance the art of writing with the business of publishing. We help smart, creative writers do their work forever without losing their minds today. 

Here’s what you need to know about hope*writers to decide if we’re a good fit for your writing life.


We are a writing community.

We take seriously the creative, social, and spiritual call to the deep work of sharing our stories and ideas with the people who need them the most. We help writers find and follow the path to sharing their words...

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5 Questions to Ask When You Need Writing Support

community support team Sep 07, 2020

Author and speaker Jo Saxton is passionate about encouraging writers to recognize their potential as leaders and to take risks in their work. She tells hope*writers, “It takes a village to raise, launch, and sustain a leader.” 

So what does it look like to gather a supportive village? This is an important part of a writing life, especially if we want to do it for the long haul. 

Jo offers the following questions for us to ask ourselves as we create a thriving community of people around us who will help to support and sustain our work as writers.


1. What do I need to thrive in my work?

Before we can name what we need to thrive, we first have to define what a thriving writing life looks like for us. The answer to this question will be unique for each writer.

It’s important to consider your needs as they pertain to your specific goals, life season, and level of experience as a writer.

What kind of support will you need from others to create a...

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