Member Spotlight :: hope*writer Anna Beard-Greeno

member spotlight support Feb 22, 2021

To learn more about Anna’s writing, you can visit her website or find her on Instagram.

At hope*writers, we love to celebrate our members and their writing progress. Each month, we highlight a member whose work caught our attention, and this month we’re celebrating nonfiction writer Anna Beard-Greeno.

We asked Anna to tell us about her writing journey as a hope*writer. Here’s Anna’s story in her own words.


When did you first realize you were a writer?

I have always loved writing, but didn’t start taking it seriously until about two years ago. I had just come to the end of a twenty-year homeschooling journey with my five children and was wondering, “Now what?” I started listening to Emily Freeman’s The Next Right Thing podcast and decided to start getting serious about my writing. The writing I do is nonfiction. My goal is to encourage others in their relationships with Jesus, others, and themselves through my writing.



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Member Spotlight :: hope*writer Erica D. Welch

To learn more about Erica’s writing, you can visit her website, check out her podcast, or find her on instagram.


When hope*writer Erica D. Welch planned her first live online workshop on self-publishing, she wasn’t expecting that everything would go wrong all at once. Even after she lost her internet connection, had to move locations, forgot her microphone, and had family members drop in unexpectedly, she decided to view the experience not as a failure, but as valuable feedback for her next live event.


"Yesterday was as bad as it could get,” Erica wrote in our hope*writers Facebook group. “If you’ve recently experienced a ‘fail,’ look at it as valuable feedback for your next attempt. Press into the disappointment . . . then show up again." 


Erica has been showing up to write since she was a child, and she’s never given up. She’s always taken her writing seriously, and her family supported her writing...

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